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Published: 2/18/2011

SESAC Latina Welcomes Carlos Baute (SGAE)

SESAC is proud to announce the signing of singer/songwriter/arranger & producer Carlos Baute, one of the most renowned and successful international artists in Spain.

Baute specializes in a thoughtful brand of Latin pop music that’s easy on the ears but often coupled with an insistent beat. Longtime listeners are also aware of his sinuous way with a ballad, and his efforts in the bachata genre, a romantic style of music and dance that originated in the countryside and rural neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic.

The Venezuelan-born singer/songwriter/producer has sold over 1 million units worldwide, racked up six platinum albums, took home a pair of Premios Onda awards (Spain’s top musical award), and set all kinds of airplay records – including topping the iTunes chart for over 45 consecutive weeks and logging the longest-running #1 airplay single in Spain’s history, for over 43 weeks.