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Published: 1/12/2011

SESAC Latina Sponsors Machete Music Tour

SESAC Latina joined in an exclusive partnership with Universal Music Entertainment (UME), being the only PRO participating as a sponsor for the Machete Music Tour on October 21st - Nov 6th, 2010. SESAC Latina consolidated a relationship with UME, the biggest and most diverse Latina music company, leader in  the market share with 48.28%. Machete is an Urban and contemporary label that houses some of Latin's hottest names in the hip hop, rap, dance hall and reggaeton, and claims a whopping 80% for the Latin Rhythm section of the Billboard sales chart. SESAC Latina was identified as sponsor in selected media such as radio, TV, print, online and grassroots in six key markets: New York, North Caroline, El Paso, TX, San Francisco and Los Angeles.