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Published: 11/5/2010

NME's Cool List 2010 Named

Congrats to all our SESAC affiliates featured in NME Magazine's "Cool List 2010."

7. Jonathan Pierce, The Drums. He has a charmingly careless combination of perfectly straightfaced deadpan humour and ludicrously grand statements.

11. Marcus Mumford, Mumford & Sons. He makes everyone in his immediate vicinity feel like they are part of something truly special. Rather than a frontman, he is a band leader in the truest sense of the word.

14. Zola Jesus. Zola’s been aligned with the hipster-y witch house scene, but it’s her distinctiveness, not her zeitgeistiness, that makes her so cool.

20. Ritzy Bryan, The Joy Formidable. Onstage, she’s a veritable force of nature and years spent toiling unsigned mean that she’s refreshingly free of bullshit.

23. Dee Dee, Dum Dum Girls. Without this cutthroat, lo-fi rock’n’roll girl gang, the past year’s lo-fi revolution would’ve been missing at least a third of its hits.

34. MNDR. Her contribution to ‘Bang Bang Bang’ helped rehabilitate Mark Ronson and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs asked her to build them a touring keyboard rig. Sorry Mark and Karen, music’s coolest secret belongs to all of us now.

38. Lee Spielman, Trash Talk. What makes him truly fascinating is that beneath his theatrical nutjob persona lurks the heart of a big ol’ softee.

44. Andrew VanWyngarden, MGMT. He’s done exactly what he wanted, ditching MGMT's electro sound and irony on a journey to more psychedelic, rawer pastures.

45. Jack Donoghue, Salem. He’s the reluctant hipster who claims to like being ill and finds creativity from liberal drug abuse and self-imposed sleep deprivation.

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