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Published: 9/10/2010

Jabe Beyer On True Blood

SESAC songwriter Jabe Beyer has been graced with a prime song placement on the hot TV show, "True Blood."  Beyer’s song “Mountain Radio” was featured on Episode 7 of Season 3.  Additionally, Beyer’s material will also be featured in upcoming movie, “Born To Ride.”

Jabe Beyer is a songwriter and singer working and is part of 4 bands: The Wheels, JABE, The Benders, and Jabe & The All Night Circus, resulting in 9 released albums. The Wheels' self-titled debut album is set to be released in 2010.  He has worked as a Producer, Recording Engineer, Touring Musician, and won Songwriting Awards from The National Academy of Popular Music, The Songwriting Hall of Fame, and SESAC.


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