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Published: 6/30/2010

SESAC Hosts “Bar-B-Q & A”

SESAC’s Pat Collins, SoundExchange’s John Simson and Leadership Music’s Karen Oertley

SESAC along with Leadership Music hosted an informal discussion led by SoundExchange Executive Director John Simson who outlined the digital copyright distribution process and how recording artists and master rights owners can register for royalties.  The reception, which was held at SESAC’s Nashville headquarters, also featured an informative question and answer session with the music industry audience.
SoundExchange is an independent, non-profit performance rights organization that collects statutory royalties from satellite radio, internet radio, cable TV music channels and similar platforms for streaming sound recordings.  The Copyright Royalty Board, which is appointed by the U.S. Library of Congress, has entrusted SoundExchange as the sole entity in the United States to collect and distribute these digital performance royalties on behalf of featured recording artists, master rights owners (such as record labels) and independent artists who record and own their masters.