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Published: 4/13/2010

SESAC Joins McNally Smith College of Music for Unforgettable Spring Break Event

Broadway’s bright lights, celebrity songwriters, the bustling streets and towering buildings of Manhattan all contributed to an unforgettable trip recently for 20 McNally Smith students hitting New York City for Spring Break. While other college kids flocked to the hot beaches of Florida and Mexico, these college music students were getting a firsthand look into an industry they hope to become part of soon.  They got to spend quality time in mid-March learning about the music business and meeting some key shakers and movers in the city that never sleeps. The itinerary was jam packed, and the trip is still generating excitement!

Senior Director of Industry Relations Debbie Sandridge, VP of Def Mix John Brown, SESAC Director Writer/Publisher Relations Jamie Dominguez, Founder of McNally Smith College of Music Jack McNally.


All seminars, including the Ashford and Simpson exchange with students  took place in Midtown at the Flatotel Hotel suite on the 41st floor where the group stayed. There they also got to meet with music business companies  in three different seminars, including DEF MIX PRODUCTIONS, Billboard and SESAC. Def Mix Founder and CEO, Judy Weinstein talked about creating an innovative new company to meet unmet needs in the music business including new management strategies, while featured guest, Hector Romero (DJ, A&R  Saw Records) talked about the world of Dance Music.

Students also took home some valuable information from the Billboard presentation. Shawna Pasholk, a McNally Smith Music Business Major who is gradating this year, praised that event for its invaluable insights into the current — and future — state of the industry, courtesy of Christopher Robbins from Billboard, Jamie Dominguez from SESAC, and Leotis Clyburn from EMI.

Dominguez discussed the performing rights organization, SESAC, and how it differs from other performance rights organizations such as BMI and ASCAP. Meanwhile, Clyburn brought two songwriters from EMI with him and let them explain their songwriting process. The songwriters, Darhyl Camper (DJ) who has two songs on new R Kelley release, and Eritza Laues who boasts numerous song placements, told the group, “There is no right way to write a song,  you just do it; there’s no correct form or procedure for doing it. You should write and record at any time the urge arises.”