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Published: 10/6/2009

Make Your Voice Heard with The Copyright Alliance

Copyright Alliance

No one can speak up for your rights better than you. In fact, there are a lot of people who don't want you to stand up for your rights. But, as a creator, you know that maintaining ownership of your work is important. And having the freedom to choose how you copy, use, and distribute your work is also necessary for your success and livelihood.

The Copyright Alliance has put together an online letter to tell President Obama and Vice President Biden that you want your creative work to be recognized and respected. The letter has just been launched to the public .

It’s easy to sign the letter. Just enter your name, artist type, city, state, and email and hit “sign”. Make sure you fill in the “captcha” line below the sign-in box so it knows you’re a human being! Please feel free to pass this email on to your other creative friends to sign the letter as well.

Your voice as an artist is important, so please sign the letter today!


Best Regards,

Pat Collins