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Fall 2012

Also In This Issue: Jon Stone, Angela Hunte, Jacob Luttrell & Harvey Mason Jr.

Keifer Thompson

As the male half of Thompson Square, one of the most celebrated and successful duos on the current country music landscape...

Harvey Mason Jr

You could say that six-time Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Harvey Mason Jr. was born into the business...

Brian Fuente

Sometimes all it takes is one lucky break. For Brian Fuente that break came...

Saunder Jurriaans

“From small beginnings come great things,” according to the proverb, and that’s certainly held true for composer/musician Saunder Jurriaans...

Jacob Luttrell

Songwriter Jacob Luttrell went through a life-altering experience when Latin Pop Superstar Enrique Iglesias recorded, “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You).”...

Communist Daughter

It’s always great to see a self-contained indie band thrive in this uncertain marketplace...

With Lions

With radio playlists shrinking, touring costs rising and fickle fans choosing to “share” music rather than buy it...

Jon Stone

Any young hopeful struggling to break into Nashville ’s music scene would do well to have a long sit down with SESAC songwriter Jon Stone...

Malcolm Three McDaniel

Escaping the gangs and drug scenes of Houston … losing a record deal nearly as soon he got it …

Michael Lynche

With the August 14 release of his self-titled debut album, R&B/soul crooner Michael Lynche became the latest American Idol contestantto...

Angela Hunte

Visions sometimes have a way of becoming reality for those who believe in the power of positive thinking...


Reinventing himself with his most recent album Licenciado Cantinas...

Hal Linton

Although he’s the son of two classically trained musicians...

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Pat Collins, SESAC President & COO

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SESAC’s Dennis Lord Receives AMA Award

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SESAC Promotes Peniece Le Gall To Director, Writer/Publisher Relations

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SESAC Offers Monthly Royalty Distribution

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SESAC 2012 Latina Music Awards

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