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Spring 2009

The Spring 2009 issue features Chairlift (on the cover), Meika Pauley, Band Of Heathens, Tim Johnson, Luis Reic González, Nikeshia Briscoe, Jamie Slocum and more. Sponsored by SunTrust.


For anybody who’s wondered how Apple goes about determining its song choices for advertisements, don’t ask the members of Chairlift, the powers behind the bouncy pop song “Bruises” in the recent iPod Nano ads...

The Band of Heathens

With its well-deserved reputation as the live music capital of America, it's only logical that the most magical musical moments in Austin, Texas usually occur in bars. For rising Americana stars The Band of Heathens, that bar was 6th Street watering hole, Momo's.

Tim Johnson

With over 100 major label cuts to his credit, there's little doubt that Tim Johnson puts a lot of stock in songs and songwriting.

Luis Eric González

Trumpeter/arranger and composer Luis Eric González has made it his mission to educate audiences about the diversity of Cuban music beyond salsa. “Son, mambos, boleros -- we have so much more,” he explains...

Nikeshia Briscoe

“Womanizer” by Britney Spears is a galvanizing pop anthem and the singer’s first #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 since “Baby One More Time.” For Nikeshia Briscoe, the song represents a spectacular entrée into the the business...

Jamie Slocum

With a No. 1 song, “Dependence ,” on the charts for nine weeks, Christian artist Jamie Slocum may seem to be the proverbial overnight success...

Claudia Brant

In 2008, you couldn’t open a Latin music trade magazine without reading about her success.  Her songs topped most of the charts of Spanish language radio stations around the world. This year, Claudia Brant changes her tune.


HEALTH’s admittedly left-of-center take on indie-rock confounds most listeners when they first come across it. The L.A. band’s intoxicating blend....

The Soft Pack

Considering the attention it was bound to attract, it must have taken guts to call your band The Muslims. But when you listened to the San Diego band’s 2008 self-titled EP...

Abe Vigoda

Abe Vigoda’s 2008 album Skeleton found writers calling their songs everything from “noise pop” to “urgent and maniacal” ...

JAyLIEN 2010

For John Wesley, pka JAyLIEN 2010, elation is highly anticipated....

Basic Apes Productions

Micah Otano and Mike Barkulis, collectively known as Basic Apes Productions...

Tammy Rogers

Tammy Rogers has graced many a stage with her exquisite fiddling and vocals...

Mieka Pauley

“I didn’t really understand what songwriting was; I was just trying to make songs that made my voice sound good.” A surprising statement, coming from fast-rising singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley...


Say the word “Butter” to a dedicated music fan, and you’ll likely evince images of smoothly seductive arrangements and tunes. Press further and you may gather fond memories of Isaac Hayes’ iconic Hot Buttered Soul album...

  President's Message

Two thousand and nine is already shaping up to be a challenging year on many fronts, but with history being made in the White House and great music being made and enjoyed in every corner of America, we at SESAC continue to feel optimistic about the future....

To DIY or Not to DIY

If you are an artist contemplating whether to seek a record deal with a label (major or indie) or to follow the Do It Yourself (DIY) model, there are pros and cons of each to consider.


SOLID. Specialized Wealth Management for the Music Industry.

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