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Seth Mosley

By Peter Cronin

Seth Mosley In Motion

He’s served as the frontman and driving force behind Christian rockers Me In Motion since 2006, and with the accolades and awards coming fast and furious, Seth Mosley is indeed moving rapidly into the upper ranks of the industry as an artist, producer and award-winning songwriter.

Billboard’s reigning Christian Producer of the Year, Mosley has been busy lately supplying hits for a who’s who of the top artists in the genre, from Jason Crabb to Mercy Me to Stellar Kart to Audio Adrenaline. As a producer, he’s already worked with A-list artists like Newsboys, Francesca Battestelli and Manafest.

“It’s really come full circle for me,” Mosley says. “My three favorites when I was a kid would have been Newsboys, DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline, and I’ve gone on to work with all of them. It’s crazy, and I have to do a double take every day.”

Growing up in a church-centric family in Circleville, Ohio, Mosley was immersed in his faith and his music from early on. Me In Motion came together as a worship band playing church camps, eventually touring around the Midwest. In 2008, the group caught the ear of veteran producer Ian Eskelin, who helped Mosley and the band find their way to Nashville. Having previously spent years composing alone in his home studio, Mosley was surprised and creatively energized by Music City’s collaborative spirit.

“Collaboration, for me, is everything,” he says. “I had never heard of co-writing or co-producing or co-anything. Nashville is a song town, and if you’re stuck and you get with somebody else in a room, chances are something’s going to come out. It’s a very efficient way to get records written and made.”

In Mosley’s case, efficiency and inspiration have gone hand in hand. In 2009, he produced and contributed nine songs to the Newsboys hit release, Born Again. Since that breakthrough, it’s
been nonstop writing, recording and producing. With a growing list of hits and awards and a
frenetic creative and personal life (he and his wife are currently expecting their first child),
Mosley manages to maintain his cool and make his music, keeping his priorities right where they need to be.

“If I’m accomplishing my job,” Mosley says, “I’m staying out of the way, giving people the words to express what they’re going through, always pointing back to my faith and the fact that there is a hope.”

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