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President Message

By Pat Collins

Message from Pat Collins, SESAC's President & COO

As I write this column, SESAC is in the midst of exciting and groundbreaking changes, all of which are part of the company’s strategic plans to expand and, of course, make things bigger and better for our songwriters, composers, and music publishers.

I am pleased to publicly congratulate John Josephson, who has been appointed Chairman and CEO of SESAC. I have worked alongside John, who first became associated with SESAC in 1992 as a member of the Board of Directors, for the past 22 years. He served on the Board in the years before Rizvi Traverse Management acquired a controlling interest in the company in December 2012, as well as after. During these years, John became intimately familiar with SESAC as a high-performing Performing Rights business and is well-versed in the company’s goals. Now, in his new role, he will guide SESAC’s expanded music service offerings.

I also want to congratulate Kelli Turner who joins SESAC as Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and CFO. Kelli brings a vast and unique level of experience to SESAC and I know she will be a valuable member of our corporate leadership team. This is an exciting time to be in the rights licensing business and I look forward to working with John, Kelli, and the entire SESAC management team.

In addition to John and Kelli joining SESAC, I am also honored to be named Chief Executive Officer of SESAC Performance Rights. Since 2004 when I was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer, I have been privileged to be a part of initiatives that have led to the largest growth of market share in the company’s history, as well as innovations that have provided our affiliates with maximum compensation for their creative works.

As SESAC moves into the future, I look forward to continued growth at SESAC and increased services being made available to creators, copyright owners, and music users. We are poised to delve into new and brand-building ventures, particularly within music licensing. One example of SESAC’s strategy is the recent acquisition of a controlling interest in Rumblefish, a leading music technology provider and a market leader in music micro-licensing, YouTube monetization, and license verification.

This exciting news about SESAC’s expansion is just another example of the core characteristic of SESAC and the company’s ability and willingness to navigate changes quickly. In fact, for decades, SESAC has not only moved quickly, but also proactively to maximize royalties and protect the rights of songwriters, composers, and music publishers. SESAC’s early adoption of BDS technology, its active role on Capitol Hill, and the implementation during the past months of monthly royalty distributions are only a few examples of the company’s commitment to our affiliates.

While SESAC expands its new service offerings in the music eco-system, we remain firmly committed to our core competency of performing rights. I anticipate tremendous benefits coming for our songwriters, composers, and publishers. It’s time to move into the next phase of growth for SESAC and expanded benefits for our songwriters and music publishers.


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