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President's Message

By Pat Collins

President's Message | Pat Collins, SESAC's President & COO

When the Who sang about “Going Mobile” back in 1971, we had no idea just how prophetic that song title was. I’m old enough to remember the exhilarating feeling of purchasing a great new LP, bringing it home, tearing off the plastic, carefully placing the record on the turntable and letting the stylus slowly drop. Since that time we’ve moved, tenatively at first, from vinyl to 8-track cartridge (remember those?) to cassettes to CD’s, and finally to today’s totally “mobile” download. Things continue to evolve and change, and the pace of that change today is exponentially faster than it was even a few years ago.

Across all these paradigm shifts, at every point along the way, SESAC has stayed several steps ahead of the pack, anticipating change and responding with groundbreaking, innovative solutions. While others were still clinging to old models, SESAC was the first to utilize BDS back in the mid-1990s, bringing performance tracking into the digital era and setting the stage for performing rights innovation in the new millennium.

Since that historic move, SESAC has remained consistently at the forefront, most recently with cutting edge technology relationships with such companies as INgrooves and TuneSat, which utilizes audio fingerprint technology to monitor hundreds of TV channels and millions of websites around the world, helping rights holders collect millions of dollars that would otherwise have been lost.

In the quickly changing world of music delivery and performance tracking, technology must be fluid and ever-evolving. As the business changes, we have a choice - adapt or remain stagnant. I’m proud to say that SESAC has followed the former path and continues to take a progressive, proactive approach to the ongoing challenges facing the music industry as we redefine and readjust how we deliver, listen to, and track performances in the 21st century.

As an “early adopter” of new and emerging technologies over the years, SESAC has invested in the future. The major advantage in staying ahead of the curve in this way is that we have a much better view of what’s around the corner. SESAC’s longtime commitment to embracing innovation offers a distinct advantage to our affiliated songwriters and publishers as they navigate the uncharted waters of a new kind of music business. And, as always, SESAC will be there to help inform, educate and guide all along the way!


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