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President Message

By Pat Collins

President's Message | Pat Collins, SESAC's President & COO

Whoever said that death and taxes are the only two things you can count on in this life neglected to consider life’s most reliable constant – change. Inevitable, unavoidable, and coming faster and more frequently than ever, change delivers challenges and opportunities in roughly equal measure. It also forces us to make choices. We can stand and fight, struggling against  the unavoidable; we can “roll with it” and passively observe as the business world, the economy, and the methods of social interaction evolve around us; or we can get out in front of identifiable changes, whenever possible, and turn challenges into opportunities.

As a longtime early adopter and technological leader, SESAC has consistently chosen the latter course, staying ahead of the curve and constantly innovating, to the direct benefit of its affiliated songwriters and music publishers, as well as SESAC’s growing family of licensees.

Whether it’s SESAC’s most accurate and comprehensive performance tracking on all platforms, paying royalties monthly, or partnering with licensees to make the music licensing process simpler and more efficient, SESAC has succeeded by embracing change and making the most of it.

In addition to dealing with constantly shifting business scenarios, SESAC has been proactive in instituting changes that have helped to streamline and simplify the business of performing rights.

A telling example of that proactive philosophy is SESAC’s landmark system of monthly payments. This groundbreaking distribution system came about as a direct result of feedback from our affiliated songwriters. Our affiliates spoke, we listened, and we made changes that enriched their lives by putting royalty dollars in their banks and in their pockets faster than any other Performing Rights Organization.

With today’s live performance revenues accounting for a larger-than-ever portion of writer / artist / musician incomes, SESAC is very proud to have been the first PRO to pay for live shows regardless of the size of the venue, yet another example of the company’s sensitivity to the real-world challenges facing today’s songwriters and performing artists.

Whether it’s the fight for equitable royalties in the digital realm, adjusting to an evolving music industry or responding directly to the needs of SESAC’s affiliates and licensees with workable, real-world solutions, SESAC is commited to remain vigilant, informed and ready, staying several steps ahead of the dramatic changes that continue to affect today’s music business and everybody in it. 

SESAC is optimistic about the future of the performing rights marketplace and royalties paid to creators.  We challenge you to be equally optimistic as we navigate the changing environment together.

Borrowing from contemporary parlance our message to SESAC’s affiliated songwriters and music publishers is “we have your back!”



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