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Shun Ng
Born in Chicago, raised in Singapore, and based in Boston, multi-threat Shun Ng combines electrifying vocals with virtuosic guitar that, seemingly effortlessly, combines funk, blues, jazz and Motown elements to create a one-man band-like experience. Fast becoming a live favorite around the globe, his debut album – the aptly titled Funky Thumb Stuff – has only added to the buzz. No less an authority than Quincy Jones enthuses: “When you see Shun Ng, you won’t believe your eyes nor your ears, he belies all stereotypes, all premonitions. I was simply blown away by both his soul and his science -- his creativity and his uniqueness is astounding.”

Genesis Be

Genesis Be
Relocating to New York from her native Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, Genesis Be has quickly become one of hip-hop’s names to watch. Emerging from New York’s underground rap battle milieu, she combines east coast lyricism and the trademark behind-the-beat delivery that’s a cornerstone of the deep south scene. The daughter of a civil rights activist, Be has received kudos from The Los Angeles Times and The Village Voice when she made headlines with a controversial video called “Tampons & Tylenol,” which she describes as “a declaration of women’s power.” Currently shopping her fifth studio album, Genesequa, Be can be heard on “Hip Hop & Her Family” on 89.1 FM New York.

Et Tu Bruce

Et Tu Brucé
By combining lively hooks, infectious melodies, thrilling vocal harmonies and imaginative instrumental textures, British rock group Et Tu Brucé draws upon a broad range of vintage rock, folk, pop, and country influences to make contemporary, timelessly resonant music. With its debut album, Suburban Sunshine, the group has received numerous plaudits on both sides of the Atlantic, capitalizing on terrific word of mouth to play both its own gigs and support slots for the reconstituted Zombies – indicative of how their style appeals across all generations. “We’ve never been too worried about labeling ourselves,” says frontman Jamie White. “Our approach has always been to make music we like and music we’re proud of.”

Heidi Feek

Heidi Feek
“The swoon of Patsy Cline, the vibe of Chris Isaak, and the balls of Neko Case.” That’s how Nashville-based singer-songwriter Heidi Feek describes what she’s aiming at – and, as her growing fan base can readily attest, it’s what she delivers. The daughter of country/bluegrass duo Joey + Rory, Heidi can still remember falling asleep in her father’s guitar case as he made the rounds as a songwriter in the ’90s. Featuring a clean, narrative approach to her lyrics, and favoring the reverb-saturated music that she grew up with, Heidi’s debut album, The Only, very much marks her as her own singular artist.

Heaven & Earth

Heaven & Earth
The rocking five-man band Heaven & Earth update the signature sounds of Deep Purple and Bad Company to deliver a heavy mix of hard rock and blues to deliver energetic anthems, melodic rockers and introspective ballads to prove that “classic rock” is an attitude of today as much as a genre of yesterday. Riding high on ecstatic reviews for their current album, Dig, the band is on the cusp of becoming a world-conquering name that future generations will look upon with the same favor as their forebears. “Everything sort of fell into place for this — the songs, the players, even the old-school approach to recording,” attests guitarist Steve Smith. “I couldn’t be more excited.”

Amy Allen

Amy Allen
Favorably compared to Taylor Swift and Norah Jones, Portland, Maine native Amy Allen has already made a name for herself as a singer/songwriter of distinction, having won The Portland Phoenix’s “Best New Act” and “Best New Vocalist” awards and appearing on NBC’s The Voice. Even though she recently released her third EP, Amy’s still learning her craft by attending Berklee University. “I find myself surrounded by a beautiful city and fellow young musicians, which continue to inspire me on a daily basis and help shape the new music I create,” she affirms. “I see every day as a new opportunity to learn about myself and the forever changing world around me.”

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