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President's Message

By Pat Collins

A Place In The World For Visionaries

At the recent MIDEM Conference in Cannes, France a panel was held entitled “Visionary Monday”. The panel offered a day of discussion about the music industry’s past, present and future, with artists, industry leaders, consumers and experts from the worlds of marketing and technology coming together to openly exchange ideas and talk things out (imagine that!). A wide-ranging panel of experts drew on their individual expertise to share their insights and discoveries on new, innovative ways to reach, engage and satisfy consumers and distributors of intellectual property. SESAC applauds such progressive thinking and remains dedicated to pursuing exciting new avenues to benefit its affiliated songwriters, composers and music publishers.

In virtually every walk of life and in every aspect of society, there has been a need for visionaries. Whether in the world of music, business, politics or technology, there has been a place in the world for those who refuse to settle for the status quo…who aren’t afraid to reach for the stars. For people who think big.  It’s that passion and fearlessness that fosters creativity and innovation. Since the beginning of time, the need to dream and create has been paramount to success.

The topic of growth and exploring new opportunities resonates strongly with us here at SESAC as we continue to pursue new technologies and create new business models. In ways big and small, SESAC will be in an exciting state of horizontal growth over the next few years providing unique and exciting opportunities for our affiliates. SESAC’s vision remains rooted in the idea of expansion and innovation, of exploration and unlimited possibilities.

The digital world requires an entirely new way of thinking and a new set of actions that challenges the paradigms of the past. SESAC remains at the forefront of such pursuits for the future of the performing rights industry and encourages and embraces forward-thinking and open-ended discussions as we evolve and adapt to new dimensions of music distributions and consumption. This type of across-the-industry mindset is a positive step in that direction leading to an array of new services for songwriters, composers, and publishers to utilize new technologies, to create new businesses, and to succeed in the new Intellectual Property business paradigms.

Now that’s a visionary idea.

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