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D. Woods

By David A. Mitchell

From Danity Kane To Solo Act, D. Woods Asserts Her Independence!

D. Woods, one-time member of the girl group Danity Kane, is truly doing things her way. Since the group’s break-up, the singer-songwriter put out a solo single titled, “Legalize Me” in 2009. And she’s quite elated to add entrepreneur to her resume—having launched the Atlanta-based Woodgrane Entertainment in 2010. Through that platform, she released her first mixtape, the 20-track Lady in the Street (hosted by DJ Trauma), featuring the kick-off single of the same name—which was a prelude to her recently-released seven-song EP, The Gray Area.

“This EP is an appetizer to the main course that will follow,” says D. Woods. Confident, savvy and displaying a whole lot of sex-appeal, all of the songs on Lady in the Street are written by her, including the project’s most recent single, “Foolish Dreamer,” featuring friends Shanell from Young Money and Kyle Lucas.

Danity Kane first came to prominence via one of MTV’s more popular reality shows, the P. Diddy-produced Making of the Band 3. The group’s first self-titled album debuted in late 2006 at No.1 on the Billboard charts with the popular single “Showstopper.” Their sophomore album, Welcome to the Dollhouse, hit with similar success in 2008 at No. 1 on the Billboard charts.
It was D. Woods’ powerful vocals, though, that drove hit singles like “Ride For You” and “Damaged,” while it was her colorful personality that brought the flavor to hits such as the single “Showstopper.”

No longer held to the confines of a group, D. Woods is showcasing more of her wares as a writer. “I can dig deeper now and show other aspects of my personality,” she says. “I’m able to be more metaphorical; which I use a lot in my style of writing. There’s a song on the EP called ‘Wonder Woman,’ that gets to the heart and soul of The Gray Area. It is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my songs. It challenges people’s notions of what a Wonder Woman is. On the outside it appears I’ve got it together. Oh, but at night, when nobody is here, I’m alone crying. But I gotta shake it off, go back out there and try and save the world.”

Agreed, because this Wonder Woman has also got troops to lead; a company to run, and still D. Woods has to maintain her creativity. “I’m re-introducing myself and establishing my own identity…trying to educate people letting them know the [Danity Kane situation] wasn’t completely who I am,” she says. “I didn’t really have control of that. What I’m doing now is all me. As an indie I have to wear so many hats and find my own circle of people that I can really trust and depend on. Now, I have to apply everything I learned when I was signed to a major label and had that machine behind me. It’s been a blessing and a curse, but I’ve been able to discover strengths within me that I didn’t even know I had!”

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