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We 3 Kings

By Kevin Zimmerman

We 3 Kings
(Dance Moms and Jerseylicious)

Though they’ve made their mark in the world of reality TV, Walter Brandt, Bill Brandt and Seven Williams – who make up the songwriting/production team We 3
Kings – have been working together since the millennium began, first in pop act Seven & The Sun and more recently in country-rock act Whiskey Falls. But there’s little doubt as to what got them interested in composing for the screen.

“John Williams,” Wally Brandt states. “I didn’t know what was more exciting -- the images on the big screen or the music pumping out of the movie theatre speakers. It was at that moment that I became completely aware of the presence and affect of music and the importance of marrying the right score to the visual.”

Having worked on everything from Minute to Win It and Tabatha’s Salon Makeover to Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Dance Moms and Ryan & Tatum: The O’Neals (why not Dance Moms), Williams says, “Each one has its own special unique meaning to us, so it’s hard to choose a favorite. It’s also hard to choose a piece based on success, because that’s so subjective … however, I think our combined ‘most standout piece of music’ has to be the theme to The Simple Life, as it was
our foray into the TV/film composing world. And you never forget your first!”

The Kings also make no bones about what an aspiring composer should arm himself with: “A Starbucks Gold Card and an understanding mate! You’re gonna need them!”

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