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Stoker and Tim Mosher

By Kevin Zimmerman

Stoker & Tim Mosher
(Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson and Rove LA)

America-born Mosher and Englishman Stoker first joined forces when serving as singer/songwriter and producer, respectively, for rock band
Suckerpunch. The partnership has since blossomed into a busy one, focusing on TV and commercial music.

“It seemed like the next logical step for me,” Mosher says. “I was especially drawn to the writing of main title or theme songs. It felt to me like a shortened or condensed version of writing a song. Whatever the length or style, you need a hook and that aesthetic carried over well from writing full length songs to writing theme songs.”

As such, he adds, “I’m lucky in that the piece of music that has been my most successful is also my favorite -- and that’s the theme song for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”

Mosher says he tends to compose on the guitar, but “I’m always looking for some creative spark, so sometimes changing things up instrument-wise helps. It helps to be
versatile, so I’ll try my hand at just about anything -- piano, bass, ukulele, banjo … I’ve used them all at some point or another.”

The key to success, he maintains, is “being able to interpret the musical vision of someone who doesn’t have the technical and musical vocabulary that a composer in theory does. That’s the job. The better you are at that, the better off you’ll be.”

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