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Robert J Kral

By Kevin Zimmerman

Robert J. Kral
(Angel, Scooby Doo and Green Lantern: First Flight)

Austrlian-born Kral was intrigued by writing for the screen early on. “Once I discovered that I could write music I was interested right away in scoring for film, because I was mostly interested in creating moods and atmospheres for stories,” he explains. “I’ve always been captivated by how movies can move an audience emotionally, due in great part to a good score.”

Kral’s assignments have largely come in the fantasy/sci-fi area, including a great deal of TV animation. “My favorite TV scores include the ‘Darla’ episode from season two of Angel,” he says. “It’s a 40-minute score that I had four days to write without any assistance -- a nightmare! Yet it resulted I think in some of my best work.

“My favorite DVD score is Superman/Doomsday,” he continues. “So big and epic and emotional. I like material that moves you through a series of emotions.”

Composing mostly on the keyboard, Kral says the old saying “It’s who you know” holds true, “but you have to follow your dream. It’s important that in the end you sound like yourself, or it’s all just the same. I’m glad I had piano lessons, because now so much of the work comes from inputting music into sequencing programs via MIDI keyboard. The technology in the last 10 years has exploded, and taking advantage of that is really the job of every composer today.”

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