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Michèle Vice-Maslin

By Kevin Zimmerman

Michèle Vice-Maslin
(Guiding Light, Popstars and Splice)

As opposed to many of the composers profiled here, Vice-Maslin predominantly composes original songs for use in TV series, winning one daytime Emmy
for Guiding Light and receiving a nomination for One Life to Live.

Vice-Maslin came to California to start a band whose multi-media onstage presentation included film and slide shows. From there she co-produced videos for George Clinton and the Ramones; it was just a matter of time before she began writing for the screen.

“A friend of mine was directing the film Tapeheads,” she says, “so I wrote an uptempo R&B song for Sam Moore and Junior Walker to perform. Then a couple years later, for the same director, I wrote a song for the film version of Car 54, Where Are You?”

Since then, she hasn’t looked back. Her most commercially successful tune was the theme song to TV’s Popstars – a precursor to American Idol – and has a handful of songs that have each been placed over 20 times in various film and TV projects.

Vice-Maslin also teaches classes explaining the process of song placement pitching. “Desire, tenacity and research are some of the words that quickly come to mind for those looking to enter the field,” she says. “I’ve been placing songs in film and TV forever, way before it became so popular and the ‘final frontier’ in a way, as it is now. The competition has become fierce, but I always believe everything is possible.”

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