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Matt Mariano

By Kevin Zimmerman

Matt Mariano
(Raising Hope and Made in China)

“I wanted to make records,” Mariano says of his initial forays into music. “I never imagined I would be scoring to picture. But in my third year at Berklee, I
got an offer from a busy commercial music house in New York City to be a staff composer, and I jumped at the chance.”

A few years spent composing for commercials led to his discovery of long form and narrative mediums like indie features and documentaries. Since that time, Mariano has made himself at home with both independent big-screen efforts and more mainstream TV fare. “I really like what I was able to compose for an indie film called Made in China,” he says. “The film won the grand jury prize at the 2009 SXSW film festival. It was about a quirky inventor of novelty products, so I was able to compose some very fun music and themes and also incorporate a lot of quirky sounds including children’s toys, kitchen knives, Slinkys, piles of wood, and many other found objects.

“I’m also really enjoying working on Raising Hope,” he adds. “It’s a genuinely funny show with a lot of great opportunities for fun and creative music. The music in each episode is approached thematically, with two or more themes running throughout. Working this way keeps it stimulating for me, and keeps the music for the show from sounding stale or repetitive over time.”

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