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Leigh Roberts

By Kevin Zimmerman

Leigh Roberts
(Power Rangers, White Collar and Casting By)

The first score to catc h the attention of Roberts – a child of the ‘70s – should come as no surprise: “I have to say it was Star Wars. That was the first time
I noticed how much music can shape a film. And I was only 8! John Williams continues to inspire me more than anyone else to this day.”

A successful composer of not only scores but also jingles, Roberts tends to compose on the keyboard, “although, depending on the sound, I play it very ‘un-keyboard’ like. I have been writing on guitar and bass some more these days. I find that composing on an instrument different from the one you use all the time will yield some unexpectedly wonderful results.” Asked to choose a favorite from his extensive catalog, Roberts says, “Mostly the music I write which I consider my personal favorites tend not to be the most commercially successful. That said, writing for Power Rangers was a blast. I got to try a lot of different things compositionally and even played some Chinese drums!”

Getting out of the house – or at least the studio – is critical to progress, he adds. “Scoring to picture is as much about drama as it is music. Get out and live life; drawing on your own experiences will inform how you write.”

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