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Jon Ehrlich

By Kevin Zimmerman

Jon Ehrlich
(House, Parenthood and White Collar)

Often working with SESAC composer Jason Derlatka, Ehrlich started out in theater. “I was always drawn to finding and creating moments that needed to ‘sing,’ as Leonard Bernstein used to say,” he explains. “Scoring to picture uses the same muscles of discovery – uncovering the moments that sing, and revealing what lies beneath them.”

Nominated for a “Dramatic Underscore” Emmy for Roar in 1998  and with Derlatka for The Agency and House MD, Ehrlich composes on the piano (“It’s the easiest for me to think on”) and considers his work with Derlatka on the series Parenthood to be his favorite.  “I find the world that the show inhabits personally relatable – I have three children of my own,” he says.  “It’s great fun to contribute to the show’s sense of authenticity and spontaneity through scoring.”

Ehrlich feels that a successful score should always underline what’s happening onscreen, not compete with or overwhelm it. “Be an advocate for the picture -- for the story,” he says. “The goal is not to make music, but to help tell stories. The people who hire you are storytellers. Care about what they care about.”

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