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Joe Conlan

By Kevin Zimmerman

Joe Conlan
(Spiders 3D and TV’s NCIS)

Conlan’s been composing for the screen for over 30 years, with several memorable series and TV movies to his credit, not to mention indie films like 2009’s For Sale by Owner and last year’s Fertile Ground.

“It all began,” he says, “when in college I was introduced to the book Scoring for Films by Earle Hagen [the legendary composer behind classic TV theme songs for The Andy Griffith Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show, among many others]. That book gave me the focus to write for film.”

Now with over 100 titles to his credit, Conlan – who composes on “a keyboard attached to a massive organized array of sounds” -- says it’s difficult to pick a favorite. “Most recently I would say the feature I’m finishing now, Spiders 3D, and Fertile Ground are favorite larger scores. More
intimate scores might be from the TV movie Amish Grace and a little short film for a director in Ireland called The Line.”

As he works to finish not only Spiders but also the indie thriller Shadow of Fear, Conlan opines that “I would imagine the concept [of getting into scoring] is the same as when I started. Try to get in with busy, overworked composers who may be able to provide some hands-on experience. Also,” he adds, “there are a lot of filmmakers out there making low/no budget films who need help. That can be a great situation to get experience and add to a show reel.”

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