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Jay Lazaroff

By Kevin Zimmerman

Jay Lazaroff
(Dance Moms and Tabatha’s Salon Makeover)

Though his most recognizable credits may be in the reality television genre, Lazaroff maintains a presence not only in small-screen composition but also in
writing for a number of pop and rock albums.

“I fell into TV/film when I was writing songs for one of the stars of Lizzie McGuire,” he explains. “Erik Isaacs and I ended up writing a song for a Disney Channel movie called You Wish!, which became a Disney hit and the doors just opened for TV work from there. It was the path that opened up for me, so I went down it.”

Lazaroff has composed music for over 100 TV shows, so it’s hard for him to choose a favorite. He says that he’s most excited when he’s asked to write songs for a project, and he’s particularly enthused by a new record he’s working on with musician Franky Perez.

He and Issacs have garnered several awards and achievements along the way, including having songs featured on #1 and #2 Billboard “Top Soundtracks” albums and a #2 “Top Kids” album.

“When I was in need of work, I sent out a hundred emails looking for a gig,” he recalls. “Out of those hundred emails I got one reply. That turned into tons of music for Oprah. All you need is one ‘yes’ in this business and everything can change.”

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