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Jason T Miller

By Kevin Zimmerman

Jason T. Miller
(Quintuplets and til Death)

“Being the son of SESAC composer/arranger Bruce Miller is obviously a major factor that got me interested in the business,” Jason notes. “I started playing guitar
at about 8 years old, and my folks never pressured me to go into music -- probably because they’re sane! But, as I got older and became more involved, opportunities came up to write songs, and then to score, and I found myself working full-time at this. It kind of snowballed from my wanting to play the blues all day in college to actually writing songs and composing for picture.”

Asked to choose a favorite among his many credits, Miller says, “I’m proud of different jobs in different ways. Sometimes the music is really simple but works incredibly well with the scene. Other times the music is challenging and more interesting, and it’s more rewarding to have composed it. Hearing your music on a primetime network program is always gratifying in some way. But a lot of the work I’m most proud of was written for independent films and spots for companies like Red Bull, as they really encourage me to go outside the lines.”

Making a name for yourself is, of course, critically important. “As my dad always said to me growing up, ‘You gotta be out there.’ If people don’t know who you are, you’ll have a real tough time getting work. Also, hope for lots of luck!”

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