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Craig Sharmat

By Kevin Zimmerman

Craig Sharmat
(Carol Channing: Larger Than Life and The Real Housewives of New Jersey)

Sharmat took the long view when he began his music career. “I started as a guitarist,” he says, “but even in my very early 20s I thought I didn’t want to be playing bars when I was 50, so composing seemed like a more stable lifestyle. What’s funny is, since I’ve reached that milestone, I love going to bars to play -- though I am glad I don’t have to make a living at that!”

A multi-talent – he’s also a well-regarded jazz guitarist, co-author of three Nate the Great children’s books, and composer for Nashville music library 615 Music – Sharmat says he’s careful to realize that “Each project has its own personality. Most of my work in recent years has been reality television based on crime, and I have developed a reputation in the field. The Channing movie brought me back closer to my jazz roots, so that was refreshing.”

“That was quite a bit different from anything else I had been doing,” he adds about Larger Than Life. “I try to write well for any of the projects I do.”

Persistence is the most important quality one can have when pursuing a screen scoring career, he says: “Persistence in getting work, and persistence in getting better at your craft.”

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