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Christophe Beck

By Kevin Zimmerman

Christophe Beck
(The Hangover: I & II and The Muppets)

Montreal native Beck studied under such scoring legends as Jerry Goldsmith (Chinatown, The Omen) and Mike Post (Hill
Street Blues, L.A. Law) before striking out on his own, winning an Emmy for the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and working on 100 plus titles
to date.

“I kind of fell into it,” he says. “I grew up wanting to be a rock star, then wanting to write musicals and operas, until in college I happened, quite
by accident, to find a pamphlet for USC’s graduate film scoring program. I went to Los Angeles not quite knowing what to expect, but soon found that film composing could be really rewarding, in many ways.”

His love of musicals and opera helped him gain an appreciation for the storytelling aspect of film composing, he explains. Today, “I do most of my composing at the piano -- or more accurately, the keyboard -- but sometimes will pick up anything within reach that I can make noises with. I play many instruments very badly!”

Of the many scores he’s written, Beck says that This Means War and the recent Muppets rate pretty high with him. “The truth is my favorite score is usually what I just finished,” he says. “If you ask me in six months, I’m sure my answer would be different.”

Beck adds that remaining true to yourself is key when starting out. “Don’t worry too much about what you think film music is supposed to sound like,” he says. “Compose what you want to compose. Just make music and cultivate your own style.”

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