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Brett Perry

By Kevin Zimmerman

Brett Perry
(That ‘70s Show and Sid the Science Kid)

As has happened to several of our other composers, Perry started out in the record business but eventually was lured into writing for the screen. “When rap started taking such a huge market share of the record industry, I saw so many of my studio musician friends struggling, because rap wasn’t using studio musicians at the time,” he says. “I’m not opposed to rap at all, but I was sure I couldn’t make a living at it. I was producing a record for a female duo and one of the girls was a huge music editor in town. It gave me an inside look at cues and the compositional process and I was hooked.”

Though he usually composes on the piano, he says, “I’ve given in to technology and use whatever the scene dictates. The musical palettes are so varied these days that sometimes a drone or ambient sound really helps define what you’re trying to communicate.”

While justifiably proud of his work on That ‘70s Show and the PBS children’s show Sid the Science Kid, Perry says his favorite score is the one he did for the short film Sirk. “It’s a musical about a Cuban circus trying to make it in New Orleans in the ‘30s. You can’t get musically richer than that!”

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