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Brad Chiet

By Kevin Zimmerman

Brad Chiet
(Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Supernanny and Deal Or No Deal)

Having earned a degree as an engineer, it was only through a magazine story about writing music for commercials that convinced longtime music fan Chiet that music could be a legitimate career. Relocating to California, he built himself into a scoring powerhouse, launching Fuel Music and Sound to provide music for a number of TV series, movies and commercials.

“Creatively, my favorite experience was the animated series The Goode Family, because each week I would sit in the room with the writers of the show and work out the music direction while they worked out the story line. The music was actually part of the creative team.

“Financially, my favorite was Deal or No Deal,” he continues, “because that allowed me to afford doing the fun projects like The Goode Family. Another great opportunity was Extreme Makeover because we recorded it with a live orchestra and the music made such an impact on the show.”

Asked if he has any advice for those seeking entry into the field, he says: “Run! Did I just say that? It has to be something you are really passionate about. When I was an engineer, I would dream that if I won the lottery, I would just quit my job and write music all day -- then I thought, why wait?

“I still haven’t won the lottery,” he adds, “but that’s okay.”

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