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Michael Lynche

By Kevin Zimmerman

Michael Lynche Takes His Turn In The Spotlight

With the August 14 release of his self-titled debut album, R&B/soul crooner Michael Lynche became the latest American Idol contestant to arrive in the marketplace. Unlike several of his predecessors, however, Lynche is catching positive reviews for such efforts as the smooth Luther Vandrossian single “Who’s Gonna Love You More,” the insinuating thump of “Today,” and the self-explanatory seduction of “Sex.”

“I grew up around music, singing and dancing with all my brothers and sisters,” Lynche recalls. “I was always a ham, and by high school I’d made the decision to stop being a role player and step upfront with my guitar.” After a flirtation with football – Lynche won a scholarship to the University of Central Florida to pound the pigskin – he returned to music, hooking up with various Florida-based producers before relocating to New York City where, through songwriter Maria Christensen, he met producer/songwriter Trevor Gale (now Senior Vice President, Writer Publisher Relations at SESAC), who encouraged him to expand his songwriting efforts to encompass other artists, commercials and movies while also landing session work – all with an eye to eventually making his own album.

American Idol’s 11th season was Michael’s big breakthrough, of course; though he didn’t win, he was able to utilize his experience sitting in the crowd cheering for brother Marque during the show’s third season to his advantage. “Seeing it firsthand was a great help,” he says. “Then I went off and did my own thing until I thought I was ready for it.”

An intuitive songwriter, Lynche also keeps a constantly updated log of interesting sayings and snatches of conversation that catch his ear for times when he’s feeling blocked. “Finding the starting point for a song is always the hardest part,” he says, “so it’s great to have that collection to draw ideas from. I add to it every day.”

The diversity of Michael Lynche was very much intentional, he adds. “I wanted to include a fun soul thing, a late-night R&B heavy thing, and something that morphs into an acoustic soul sound,” he acknowledges. “Basically all the stuff I do, all the types of music that have influenced me and that my fans have come to love.” Now in the midst of putting together a Christmas EP, Lynche says he’s enjoying every minute of success. “Writing, recording, touring – it’s all about having fun at the end of the day,” he says. “And I’m very much all about that!”

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