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Jacob Luttrell

By David A. Mitchell

Jacob Luttrell: Pop Music’s Go-To Guy

Songwriter Jacob Luttrell went through a life-altering experience when Latin Pop Superstar Enrique Iglesias recorded, “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You).” It was Luttrell’s first major placement. “That song changed my life after it went to No. 1,” says the Fresno, California native, who now resides in Los Angeles. “Opportunities opened up and things started to happen for me on a regular basis. It never occurred to me that the song would shoot me into writing full-time. Even Timbaland called and said, ‘I like that song; come through, let’s write.’”

Luttrell is one of pop music’s busiest go-to guys—having penned on a string ofnotable hit records, including two songs for David Guetta and another for Timbaland & Dev.

Luttrell also scored a Billboard Top 5 smash with “Wild Ones,” recorded by Flo Rida & Sia. He wrote and produced Justin Bieber’s “Fall” from the Pop singer’s current album, Believe; and songs for Pitbull, “Castles Made of Sand” and “Mr. Right Now,” featuring Akon. Luttrell’s work is also included on the new Sean Kingston Back to Life album, and the explosive new Enrique Iglesias single, “I Finally Found You.”

Before this spree of hit writing assignments, Luttrell was trying to get his own career off the ground as an artist. A few years back, he recorded his first album titled, Old School, and played the club circuit in order to promote it. However, Luttrell has taken a liking to his newfound career and the success it has generated. “When I’m writing for other people it definitely allows me to travel down avenues to say things I probably wouldn’t [personally] say for myself. As an artist, my writing is based on love and trying to make the world a better place, but when I’m writing for other people, my vibe can be all over the place. That’s okay because I can pretty much write in any style. I love to work on anything that challenges me.”

With his eye on more chart success, Luttrell is currently working in the studio with Akon, who is “looking for more hits,” he says. Luttrell is also writing more music for Jason Derulo. Also on the docket is a collaboration with Latin singing star Juanes, and in October back to Miami to work with Enrique Iglesias.

In between traveling and collaborating with today’s top artists, Luttrell plans to focus next on his forthcoming second solo project. “It’s going to be a journey that will take on a life of its own,” he claims. “I have no idea when it is going to be finished. I don’t even know what it’s going to be about, or what it’s going to sound like. I just know that I’m not going to let it come out of the studio until I love it.”

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