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Meital Dohan

By Peter Cronin

Meital Dohan An Artist On Fire

After years of onstage and on-camera experience, acting roles and accolades in hit TV shows and movies in her native Israel, a best-selling book and an acclaimed dramatic turn in the hit Showtime series, Weeds, you’d think Meital Dohan’s creative thirst would be thoroughly quenched. And you’d be dead wrong.

“If someone would have told me what my life was going to be like I would have been in shock,” she says.

Growing up in a small Israeli village, Dohan blossomed early, attending the prestigious Nissan Nativ acting school and performing by the time she was 13. Over the next several years, she worked non-stop, starring in her own television series and winning the Israeli equivalents of the Emmy and Tony awards. And while her super-model good looks and consistently high level of screen success have long since established her as a star in her home country, Dohan’s career has drawn her naturally to the brighter lights of NY and LA and pulled her in some unexpected creative directions.

“I came back to America and the third person I ran into was Che Pope,” Dohan says. “He’s worked with people like Dr. Dre, Lauryn Hill and Eminem. We met and we just vibed, and a year later we had an album.”

Showcasing Dohan’s formidable pipes and feisty personality, the creative team has released debut single “Yummy Boyz,” an electropop delight. Also, the Yummy Boyz Remix EP has recently been released, featuring dance versions of her song, remixed by DJs Chew Fu, Danny Verde, Hector Fonseca, Electrolightz and Dark Intensity. The single was accompanied by a tongue-in-check video that has created quite a sensation featuring strategically placed flames and “cameo” appearances from everyone from Napoleon to Abraham Lincoln to Jesus Christ to Obama making for a seductive, dance floor tour-de-force that portends wild things for the upcoming full-length album entitled I’m In Hate With Love.

“Part of what I do as an actor is to change a lot, from dramatic to comedic stuff,” Dohan says. “And it comes across in the music, because some is serious and some is more fun. Music is a very refreshing experience and a blessing for me. It seems like magic energy more than anything else and I find people in the music industry to be very open-minded. It’s about daring and being different and being who you are.”

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