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Lola Delon

By Kevin Zimmerman

The Eclectic World Of Lola Delon

Up-and-coming dance music singer-songwriter Lola Delon is nothing if not well-traveled. Born in France, she currently splits her time between her home country and Brooklyn, following spells in Los Angeles and Brazil. “I really consider myself to be a citizen of the world,” she says, “which is what I’ve always wanted to be.”

Growing up with parents who had “amazing taste” in music, Delon decided to pursue a career in the arts after high school graduation. An initial trip to New York lasted some seven years, as she immersed herself not only in the city’s jazz and fusion scenes but also the Lower East Side rock and house music clubs. Following a couple of dead-end production deals, she caught the ear of Goldman Sachs executive Charles Rosier, who helped finance her latest musical projects, including this year’s well-received soulful single “The Power of Goodbye.” An EP is expected in September, followed by an album in January.

“When I first moved to New York, it was economically necessary to be as proficient in as many different styles as I could be,” she notes. “Now I have the opportunity to do music the way I want to, which means heading back to my roots in rock and soul, tied together with pop.”

Her latest project finds Delon indulging in electronic pop, an area she says she finds both freeing and exciting. “I started off loving people like Michael Jackson and Prince,” she notes, “but always with this kind of ‘60s, soul/classic rock touch. That’s always been my compass point, my true north. This builds on that with what for me is some new and uncharted territory. It’s really all about looking at and feeling the use of colors in our language.”

Delon says she tries to sing and play every day, with the result being that new ideas are practically always presenting themselves. “I usually concentrate on vocals, since that’s where I excel,” she states. “Inspiration will strike from nearly anywhere, so I try to make time and keep myself open to whatever is going to happen. It can be a word, phrase, melody, or even just a feeling that comes over me. Lately I’ve been arranging songs with other people, and it turns out that I love co-writing.”

As the new projects are being wrapped, Delon says she’s already booked several dates throughout Europe and is hoping to return Stateside by the fall. “Being part of the live experience is really what it’s all about – that’s where you can really see how your music is being felt by people, and where you can make connections.”

Being part of SESAC, she says, has provided her with “a very nurturing force in my life. The people there are really a super-precious gift that I treasure, and they’ve really come to seem like friends.”

What’s On My iPod?

Currently rocking Delon’s iPod are the likes of Joanna Newsom’s album Have One on Me, early Ray Charles singles, Cee-Lo Green’s The Lady Killer (“He makes me happy!”), Etta James, MGMT (“really cool”) and Bilal’s latest album Airtight’s Revenge (“It’s phenomenal”).

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