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Jencarlos Canela

By Nelson Henriquez

SESAC Latina Welcomes Singer/Songwriter/Actor Jencarlos Canela

SESAC Latina has signed heartthrob singer/songwriter/musician and film/stage/TV actor Jencarlos Canela and now represents the public performance rights of his compositions around the world.

Thrilled to be affiliated with SESAC Latina, Canela says: “What I saw and what I liked was the human quality of its people; the passion of the team. It’s very important to surround yourself with a team that believes in you and that lives and works with such passion. These are people who really want you to succeed. In SESAC, there’s a family vibe I really relate to and reminds me of how I was raised. I’m proud to say that I’m part of this family and I hope this relationship continues for many more years.”

“We are very excited and proud of the addition of an all-around artist like Jencarlos Canela,” said J. J. Cheng, Associate Vice President of SESAC Latina. “I believe he is an excellent example of a rising star in the Latin and Anglo markets. His early start in music and continued professional development has molded him into the great singer and composer that he is today. He is a complete artist and has shared his talent far and wide. His charisma continues to captivate audiences in everything he does and everywhere he goes.”

The affiliation with SESAC Latina comes just as he releases his new album Un Nuevo Día, which features the first single “Mi Corazón Insiste” (My Heart Insists), the theme song for the Telemundo soap opera by the same name, featuring Jencarlos Canela as the starring actor. A recent winner of the Univision network’s Premio Lo Nuestro 2011 award for Best New Artist. In addition to recording his own songs, he’s had his compositions recorded by such luminaries as Pitbull, Chino y Nacho and Banda Recoditos, among others. He has been part of many philanthropic projects including being named the Latin Ambassador of the International Rescue Committee.

When speaking of his compositions, Jencarlos Canela says that they mean something special to him, and it’s important that they also make an emotional impact “on the thousands of people who may be listening,” though each song’s specific meaning is “open to individual interpretation.” Jencarlos describes himself as “a lover of every kind of music” because he’s been exposed to it “instinctively” throughout his life.

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