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Katie Armiger

By Dan Kimpel

Katie Armiger: The Nice Girl Tells All

A vibrant vocalist, an engaging live performer and a rising country star: 19-year-old Katie Armiger is also an accomplished songwriter. “It started when I was really young,” says the 19-year old Sugarland, TX native. “It’s easier for me to relate to singing a song if I wrote it.” She began collaborating at 14 when she came to Nashville from the Lone Star State. “I met my first producer, Mark Oliverius, and through writing with him, and through networking, it took off. Now my songwriting has a life of its own.”

This life is revealed on Confessions of a Nice Girl, Armiger’s third and latest release. A highlight is the sly single, “Best Song Ever.” Armiger clarifies the title. “I’m not saying this song is the best song ever, the song inside of the song we’re talking about is the best song ever. If you don’t listen to the lyrics it’s just a simple ditty you can bounce along to in your car, but if you take the time to invest in listening to the lyrics it’s a really deep song.” The age appropriate “Kiss Me Now” encourages a shy teenage Lothario to make his move. “But the guy I wrote it about never got it,” Armiger laments.

“Leaving Home,” a song Armiger wrote as a Christmas gift for her parents, was selected by over 20 high schools to be performed at graduation. “I thought, ‘I’m the only one who ever leaves home and goes through this,’” she says. “It didn’t cross my mind until we put it on YouTube and people responded, ‘It’s a graduation song.’”

She references her CD’s title. “A nice girl, in my opinion, is the one who is always happy and bubbly and never tells you what is going on in her life. That girl does feel sad, angry --everything that you do -- but she doesn’t let you know that. My songs are my confessions -- this CD is everything I’ve ever felt.”

When she tours, she and her crew make it a point to see the sights, but when she’s not touring Armiger characterizes herself as a homebody and bookworm who enjoys being a part of a musical community. “Nashville is such a big family,” she enthuses.

And SESAC is an integral part of this family. “Joining was a great decision. I want to have people around me who are totally supportive. That’s what I’ve found with SESAC.”

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