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Film And TV Awards

| 1 | SESAC’s Trevor Gale & Dennis Lord, composer Christophe Beck, SESAC’s Ashley Miller and Hunter Williams. | 2 | SESAC’s Dennis Lord & Ashley Miller and composer Jason Derlatka. | 3 | SESAC’s Trevor Gale with composer Paul Buckley. | 4 | SESAC’s Hunter Williams and composer Brad Chiet. | 5 | SESAC’s Trevor Gale & composer John Swihart. | 6 | SESAC’s Trevor Gale, composer Danny Lux, SESAC’s Ashley Miller & Hunter Williams | 7 | SESAC’s Trevor Gale, Hunter Williams & Ashley Miller, composer Bruce Miller and SESAC’s Dennis Lord. | 8 | SESAC’s Trevor Gale, composer Jon Ehrlich, SESAC’s Ashley Miller & Hunter Williams

SESAC honored its stellar roster of top film and television composers with the annual SESAC Film & Television Awards Dinner. The invitation-only event was held at Chaya in Beverly Hills, CA, and celebrated the comp osers of music featured in 2009’s biggest films, primetime television shows and cable programs.

See a complete list of honorees >

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