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Scoop Deville

Scoop Deville

By David Mitchell

Scoop Deville Wants To Rock

Fans of the recent Snoop Dogg single, “I Wanna Rock,” can thank producer-writer Scoop Deville for coming up with such an infectious track. Utilizing the sample of Rob Base & EZ Rock’s “It Takes Two” classic as part of the song’s backdrop has allowed popular remixes like ones featuring Jay-Z and Ludacris, in addition to a growing number of mix-tapes using the track to crop up.

In effect, “I Wanna Rock” is everywhere.

Scoop Deville couldn’t be happier. “Response has been so cool doing this kind of hip-hop record,” says Deville. “It’s been a good thing for me. I can’t wait to see what happens for me over the next few months or year.”

He says the success of “Rock” is allowing him the opportunity to work with more of today’s hip-hop hit-makers like Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Young Jeezy and DJ Khaled.

For those who have long-tracked West Coast hip-hop, they’ll know that Scoop Deville is the son of Kid Frost, the Mexican-American rapper who amassed quite a following during the late eighties and early nineties, most notably with the hit single, “La Raza.”

Frost was quite influential in his son’s life—knowing that the young Deville (aka Baby Frost) had music in his veins. At the mere age of two, Deville was featured on an LL Cool J track, and found himself constantly surrounded by hip-hop royalty. “I got to meet a lot of the greats in hip-hop music,” Deville recalls, “from Eazy E and Dr. Dre to Ice Cube, Snoop, everyone.”

“I never felt I was in the shadow of my dad,” Deville continues. “My dad sat me down, and said I had to be twice as better than he was and to work triple hard if I was going to be in the music game. I felt I owed that to him, the people he connected me with, and the fans.”

The work continues to pay off, especially as “I Wanna Rock” is not Deville’s first collaboration with Snoop Dogg. The pair worked together on Snoop’s ninth album, Ego Trippin’ in 2008. He’s also produced tracks for the Game, Cory Gunz, Baby Bash, Dj Muggz, Xzibit and more.

As an indie artist Deville is currently generating quite the buzz as a member of the Get Busy Committee—a hip-hop alternative super-group he formed with rapper Apathy, and Styles of Beyond’s Ryu.

“Getting a shot with Snoop gave me a chance to make it in this business. It’s also been great working with a guy like Busta who embraced me and my music. And my Pops, who means more to me than anything. I definitely owe him a lot. There have been a lot of highlights,” says Deville. “And right now it’s all about branching out.”

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