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By Dan Kimpel

RichGirl: Right On The Money

With their high-gloss image, seamless harmonies and savvy songs, the four members of RichGirl – Audra, Brave, Lyndriette and Seven -- are poised to meet the world. Not that they’ve been under wraps exactly: The foursome appeared with Beyoncé on select dates for her “I Am” tour, and as her opening act at New York’s foremost concert venue, Madison Square Garden.

Working under the auspices of hit writer/producer Rich Harrison, the quartet has been in the studio with such producers as The Underdogs, Dre and Vidal and SESAC-award winning Bryan-Michael Cox. The members of RichGirl are vitally committed collaborators notes Lyndriette. “We’re very hands on when it comes to the songwriting. It’s cool to meet different songwriters and see how it all works.” Audra explains, “Even if we’re not sitting there writing, we are a part of the writing process because we’ve thrown the idea out there in terms of what we want to sing about or know about.” Says Brave, “With Bryan-Michael Cox in particular, and a lot of the other songwriters, we’re very involved creatively. Working with Rich, since he knows us so well, maybe we’ll inspire him with a new topic, or a more clever way of saying, ‘We’re going to the club.’”

Creating emotional connections through songwriting is a combination of the four women’s personal experiences, plus the stories of those around them. Observes Seven, “Because there are four of us, we have four different stories. But even if I haven’t experienced a certain scenario, it might be something in Lyndriette’s past; or maybe we have a sister who has the same story. So as long as we truly relate to the song, it’s important for these messages to get out because we can relate as women.”

Before RichGirl, Brave was signed to a label; Seven, as a member of a girl group, was inked as an artist, and Lyndriette had a production deal. The group’s fourth member, Audra, was waiting tables by day and singing by night in Los Angeles when she auditioned for the group. The four soon joined forces in Atlanta.

Lyndriette says living in the Southern music capital has distinct advantages. “Atlanta is a great experience: recording, working out, getting in shape, doing the whole nine. Writers, producers, and artists: when we go to a party or an event we see a lot of people. We got 80 percent of the album done in Atlanta.” Prior to the release of their forthcoming full-length debut, RichGirl has released a pair of Billboard charting singles, “24s” and “He Ain’t Wit Me Now (Tho)”. They are also capable of delighting on-camera viewers with a stunning a capella version of “Over the Rainbow.”

Sophistication and class, individuality and cohesion: RichGirl is invested in a musical blend far greater than the sum of its considerable parts. “As women, we always want to be respected,” says Brave. “But in order to get respect from someone, you first have to respect yourself. We want our music to convey that message.”

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