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Nashville Awards

SESAC Awards Monty Powell Songwriter of the Year & Song of the Year; “Sweet Thing”  Song of the Year; Eden Valley Music & Universal Tunes  Publishers of the Year

Monty Powell was the big winner at SESAC’s 2009 Nashville Music Awards as he took home the night’s biggest honor for Songwriter of the Year. Powell, also was the recipient of Song of the Year for “Sweet Thing,” a #1 hit for Keith Urban. Powell earned the prestigious Songwriter of the Year accolade on the strength of “Sweet Thing” as well as his other smash for Keith Urban, “Kiss A Girl”. Eden Valley Music and Universal Tunes, the publishing companies for Monty Powell, were named SESAC’s Country Publishers of the Year. In addition to the songwriting honor, Powell was also presented with a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed acoustic guitar courtesy of Gibson Guitar.

One of the evening’s many highlights was a riveting performance by Joe Nichols on material from his new CD, the critically acclaimed Old Things New. Another musical bright spot was a stunning performance by Nanci Griffith on a cut from her The Loving Kind project featuring Thomm Jutz and Charley Stefl.

Following tradition, SESAC recognized the major impact and growing relevance of the Americana format during the evening’s festivities handing out awards to several top artists and songwriters in the genre. SESAC, the only performing rights organization that honors the Americana genre at their songwriting events, honored the work from such luminaries as Bob Dylan, Jim Lauderdale, Gurf Morlix and Kevin Welch.



Cutlines: | 1 | SESAC’s Nashville Music Awards Songwriter Of The Year, Monty Powell, celebrates his victory with Universal Music Publishing’s Pat Higdon (fourth from left) and SESAC’s Trevor Gale, Shannan Tipton-Neese and Tim Fink. | 2 | SESAC’s John Mullins (left), Shannan Tipton-Neese and Tim Fink (far right) bestow awards to publisher Pat Finch (second from left) and Tim Johnson for the #1 hit, “Do You Believe Me Now.” | 3 | Joe Nichols performs “My Old Friend” from his latest CD. | 4 | Publishers Roger Murrah (far left) and John Thomas (third from left) and honored songsmith, Peter Cooper, collect their awards from SESAC’s Amy Beth Hale and Tim Fink. | 5 | New SESAC affiliate Nanci Griffith performs a cut from her recent release, The Loving Kind. | 6 | Savannah Welch, Dustin Welch and Kevin Welch share the spotlight as they collect awards from SESAC’s Amy Beth Hale and Tim Fink for their work on the Mickey & The Motorcars project. | 7 | SESAC’s John Mullins (far left), Shannan Tipton-Neese (second from left) and Tim Fink offer awards and congratulations to songwriter/publisher/producer, Victoria Shaw (third from left) and Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott. | 8 | SESAC’s John Mullins (left) and Shannan Tipton-Neese greet honoree Anthony Smith. | 9 | Award-winning songwriter Brice Long (“Anything Goes”) visits with SESAC’s Shannan Tipton-Neese. | 10 | Brentwood-Benson’s Stacey Willbur, Brian White, Karyn Williams-White, Erika Dunlap and SESAC’s John Mullins.

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