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Sarah Reeves

By Kevin Zimmerman


Oftentimes when a songwriter mentions “having an epiphany” about their craft, they’re being hyperbolic. But in the case of rising Christian music star Sarah Reeves, the epiphany was very real.

“I’d gone to church all my life,” explains the 19-year-old Alabama native, whose debut EP, Sweet Sweet Sound, came out on Sparrow in April. “I grew up in a Christian family, but the church we belonged to was very traditional and stagnant, and I got really bored.”

Still, she says, she felt “God tugging at my heart,” and during a weeklong youth camp when she was 15, “God talked to me and humbled me, and called me to be a worship leader. And I came to realize that I could spread His message through music.”

A support slot with Tiffany Lee (Plumb) at a Christian music concert led to Reeves’ handing the headliner a demo tape – and, to her surprise, receiving a phone call the next morning.

“She told me that of the thousands of demos she’s received, this was the first time she’d ever called someone back,” Reeves beams. “She told me that she thought I had a great gift, and that she’d be happy to be a big sister, a mentor, to me. She and her husband’s support have been a huge blessing.”

Putting together Sweet Sweet Sound was a bit complicated, however, as the prolific Reeves had composed some 75 songs to choose from. “I write all the time,” she laughs. “I’m constantly doing it, whether I’m on or off the road. I’m particularly big on melodies – I start singing them while I’m driving – and I’m always keeping my eyes and ears open for the times that God speaks to me. I’ve also been doing a lot of co-writing, which is always fun.”

Reeves’ becoming a singer/songwriter is no happy coincidence, as her father, Hershey Reeves, has worked as a songwriter, musician, and engineer for the likes of Kenny Rogers and Crystal Gayle. “I always knew I wanted to do this for a living,” she remarks. “But when I was really young, I just wanted to be the big rock star and have everybody look at me. Now I’ve got a much bigger opportunity.”

The developing artist expects that her relationship with SESAC will help take her to the next level. “They’ve already opened so many doors for me,” she says. “The fact that they’re the right size to give you personal attention, that they really do care about you as a person and as a songwriter, is so special.”

Reverting – just this once – to teen-speak, she adds, “SESAC is so awesome.”

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