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By David A. Mitchell

Darin SUPERPOWER Baker Music’s Next Wild Wonder!

With a nickname like SUPERPOWER as part of his moniker, Darin Baker doesn’t mind being held to some pretty high standards. Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the son of Pentecostal preacher, Darin is a flavorful musician, songwriter, producer—and soon to make a name for himself as a successful recording artist.

Last year’s “Lollli Lolli (Pop That Body)” was a Top Five hit for Oscar® winners Three 6 Mafia. It was produced, written by and featured Darin SUPERPOWER Baker as the singer. The single was one of the Year’s Most Performed Songs, prompting SESAC to present Darin with a performance award at its recent New York Awards. The success of the song also garnered Three 6 Mafia an American Music Award for Favorite Band/Duo/Group, Hip-Hop, and a BET Award nomination.

“Music was always in me,” recalls Darin. “I grew up around it. Of course I grew up playing strictly gospel music, but eventually the rap production bug bit me during high school, and from there I was able to explore more diversity—choirs, bands, hip-hop, creating beats and tracks for rap artists who needed them and more.”

Darin got his first major placements working with acts like former Universal recording duo Dirty, writing and performing the hook for the single, “Keep it Pimp and Gangsta,” the Goodie Mob’s spin-off group The Lumber Jacks “Turn Yo Whip,” and multiple records for rapper J.T. Money. He’s also worked with R&B/Hip-Hop singer Nivea.

“But it was the Three 6 Mafia ‘Lolli…’ record that established me,” says Darin. “Attending the SESAC show and receiving the award was great for me. It was my first red carpet event and my first time being honored. I loved the camaraderie, the family feel and it was great to see some of the other heavy hitters there. It’s also helped me to remain super-focused on what I’m doing.”

Darin, who is based in Los Angeles, is back in the studio working with Three 6 Mafia for their next album, and is looking forward to completing his debut solo album.  “That’s my main focus, honing in on my own album,” he says. “Expect me to come completely different from what you’ve been hearing in my hip-hop productions.”

This explains how the name SUPERPOWER came in to play. “I’ve lived in a number of places like Indiana, Minneapolis, Atlanta and L.A. I’ve worked with so many types of artists. Sometimes I’ll take that Dirty South bottom that I picked up in Atlanta and blend it with that sexy Minneapolis sound. That’s me. That’s SUPER! Some of my partners started calling me SUPERPOWER and I guess it sort of caught on. I don’t know, for my solo album though I may just go with ‘POWER’.”

Whatever name he goes with, Darin wants to bring it on. He is elated about his recent accomplishments, and even more optimistic about the future. He cites his manager, Shaun Beastley, as part of the team of future power players making moves on his behalf. “I’m just grateful with all that’s been happening and being surrounded by the right people,” he says, “I want to keep collaborating with artists, get my own music out, hit the road eventually and show the world a true SUPERPOWER.”

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