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Miz Metro

By Dan Kimpel

Miz Metro: On The Fast Track

Songwriter, vocalist, fashionista, scene-maker and event producer: New York City native Miz Metro is at the epicenter of a swirling universe of creativity. Her debut CD, Miz Metro Unlimited, is an apt title for these encompassing energies. “I think art functions and flourishes in communities,” says the artist whose given name is Laura O’Reilly. “In New York, everyone has their own cultures and their own fashion styles. Artists, especially musicians, tend to form communities.  So there is a need to be able to help one another so that everyone gets exposure.”

With interactive multi-media, live music, and “trash-art”, Miz Metro’s Urban Gypsy Circus loft parties, set in a 5,000 square foot Soho space, quickly became must-attend soirees for trendy urbanites. At this year’s SXSW in Austin, she and her co-producer, Crosby, channeled their urban sensibilities into “Hip-Hop HOWL! SXSW Mixtape” with an immense roster of emerging artists.

Musically, Miz Metro, who performs with a seven-piece band dubbed The Makebelieves, draws from jazz, cabaret, hip-hop, soul, rock and pop, while interjecting her quirky persona and songwriting finesse into songs like “Everyone Wants 2B On TV” and “Trashion.”

At 22, the artist, born into a show business family, has been immersed in art and entertainment her entire life. The attitude that works, she says, “…is patience and persistence. You’ve got to have a thick skin, but still keep your heart open. So many things feel like they’re going to happen. So that’s where the artist community I have around me in New York keeps me going – other people who are in it for art, for the right reasons.”

Studying media with a minor in musical composition in college, Miz Metro took an academic approach to performing rights organizations. “I discovered that SESAC was by far the most advanced in terms of music and new media and being proactive about collecting royalties. They seemed the most forward thinking.” And despite her complimentary artistic pursuits, she maintains one primary objective. “I grew up listening to great songwriters like Carole King and Billy Joel, so the craft of writing great songs is the number one goal for me.” 

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