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Blind Man's Colour

By Peter Cronin

Blind Man’s Colour Spontaneous Combustion

Used to be a kid would dream of being a rock star, get himself a guitar, head to the garage, turn it up to 11 and he was off and running. Here in the computerized 21st century, however, the path to success, as well as the music itself, can turn in any number of directions. Take St. Petersburg, Florida duo Blind Man’s Colour for example. The two musicians – Kyle Wyss and Orhan Chettri – met in 7th grade and instantly bonded over their shared love of “older” classic rock.

“It was Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd mainly,” Wyss recalls. “We were still in middle school when I got a drum set and Orhan started playing his dad’s old guitar from the ‘80s. We’d hang out on weekends messing around and making noise.”

Things were evolving in an old school, classic rock direction when Wyss’ older brother turned him on to an innovative and interactive computer music program known as Reason. Wyss dove right in, and the duo’s music would never be the same.

The duo picked up considerable creative steam when they joined forces with high school classmate Sheridan Willard. The former Pennsylvanian played drums, freeing Wyss to pick up the guitar. Willard’s background in electronic music also helped cement Blind Man’s Colour’s ethereal and percolating soundscapes. By 2008, their songs began to coalesce into a full-length project, and the band gained considerable exposure and credibility when R&B superstar Kanye West began raving about their music online.

“It started in October, 2008,” Wyss says. “There’s a blog called ‘I Guess I’m Floating.’ They posted some covers we did, and Kanye West really liked them. He contacted us to see if we had any original material so we sent him our album and he loved it so much he started writing about it. Within a day Warped Records and Kanine Records contacted us.”

The band eventually signed with Kanine, and their full-length debut, Season Dreaming,” is set for release. They’ve only played a few live shows, but with their debut album generating serious buzz months before its release, the members of Blind Man’s Colour know enough to expect the unexpected.

“It’s weird,” Wyss says. “All of this random blog stuff just started happening. We’ve never paid much attention to blogs. But hearing about the Kanye West thing and then immediately being contacted by these record labels, it has definitely been surreal.”

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