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Claudia Brant

By Nelson Henriquez & Alex Perez

In 2008, you couldn’t open a Latin music trade magazine without reading about her success.  Her songs topped most of the charts of Spanish language radio stations around the world. This year, Claudia Brant changes her tune.

Claudia Brant’s creative mind has spent a lifetime penning multiple hit songs in the Latin market; including Latin music’s latest multi-national inspirational anthem, “No Me Doy Por Vencido.” The track, recorded by Puerto Rican crooner Luis Fonsi, became an instant hit, nearly surpassing records currently held by international pop legends Shakira and Juanes. Reaching #1 in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and most of Central and South America, “No Me Doy Por Vencido” is without a doubt, the biggest hit to date of both Claudia and Fonsi’s careers.

Convinced that music trespasses borders and language barriers, Claudia prepares to expand her career beyond Latin music.

“Although I will continue collaborating with my beloved Latin artists, from here on out, all my efforts will be directed towards crossing over and reaching different audiences,” Claudia states. “Recently, I had the honor to collaborate with some of Nashville’s top Country music songwriters. It was quite an amazing experience to be able to share ideas, write in English and know that my songs might be recorded by some of Country music’s biggest names.”

J. J. Cheng, Sr. Director of SESAC Latina says, “Our direct involvement in orchestrating these successful collaborations has helped to give recognition to a great talent, a songwriter whose roots and branches are now universal.”
Claudia Brant’s career has reached worldwide with collaborations in Spain, Puerto Rico and the U.K., having worked with a variety of world-renowned artists including projects with Josh Groban, Santana, II Divo, Kenny G, Jennifer Lopez and David Bisbal.
“There are no limits,” Claudia says. “I go wherever music takes me: here, there, everywhere. It’s important to meet every one of these artists, songwriters and producers face to face. I sit down with them, we share ideas and then we create music.”

Signed to SESAC Latina in 2006, Claudia Brant believes her home society’s support has made all the difference. “Their marketing and publicity efforts, their industry networking opportunities and their overall career support has been great.  My experience at SESAC has been superb.”

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