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President's Message

By Pat Collins

As we ease into the fall season we are experiencing many exciting changes and developments in the copyright world and beyond.
Congress continues to consider the Performance Rights Act of 2009, which is legislation that would add a public performance right for sound recordings on terrestrial radio and, thereby, compensate recording artists for their contribution of talent. SESAC is working with other industry organizations to ensure that the public performance royalties for its affiliates' musical compositions are not adversely affected by the proposed new act by championing the inclusion of "savings" language that will prohibit reduction of musical composition public performance royalties. This legislation which has emerged from the Senate and House committees with language favorable to SESAC's songwriters, artists, and publishers awaits passage, separately, by both the House and Senate. This important legislation is worthy of everyone's attention, especially considering that it will impact both SESAC songwriter-artist affiliates and SESAC licensees.

In other related issues, the Copyright Alliance has crafted an online letter to President Obama and Vice President Biden communicating music creators' concern that intellectual property continue to be respected in the United States and globally. The project has recently been launched and the online letter is available to you at www.copyrightalliance.org/letter/. Sign if you wish!

Meanwhile, SESAC is happy to announce a new relationship with the Barcelona Music and Audio Technology (BMAT) company. BMAT has become a technology partner with its new program aimed at utilizing the latest advances in audio-recognition technology to improve the performance rights licensing and distribution supply chain.SESAC will utilize BMAT's digital pattern-recognition algorithm known as Vericast to capture performances of its repertory in programming on broadcast and cable television. Initially, thousands of audio files from pre-determined SESAC publisher affiliates will be monitored across broadcast and cable outlets. Vericast will be accompanied by a suite of other enabling technologies, including watermarking, to develop a technology-agnostic, but holistic solution for performance rights licensing, tracking, and royalty distribution.
Also, SESAC recently announced plans to expand its technological edge by entering into a strategic alliance with Activated Content and DigSound Corporation to launch RubyDS, a web-based delivery system for watermarked audio files. With this alliance, SESAC continues to utilize the latest technologies in audio-recognition capabilities to improve the music licensing and royalty distribution process, which again demonstrates why SESAC is regarded as the most innovative and fastest growing performing rights organization in the U.S.

As always, SESAC continues to be vigilant in staying abreast of all relevant new technologies and legislative developments on behalf of our songwriter and music publisher affiliates.

Be sure to check out www.sesac.com for updates on any up-to-the-minute news and music business information. The SESAC website is designed to help keep our affiliates and music industry friends informed on all important news and issues!

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