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Christian Salyer

By Dan Kimpel

Christian Salyer: Blazed Out Music Heats Up

By creating song-driven production music invested with record quality performances, composer/programmer Christian Salyer is intent on changing the industry's perception of music libraries. For his Los Angeles-based enterprise, Blazed Out Music, Salyer has enlisted A-List talent to generate music for network shows including The Simpsons, The Office, Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Oprah, Dateline NBC, Dancing With The Stars, Crossing Jordan and The Tonight Show. "The whole format has become more like a movie," he notes. "If there is a scene at a party for example, they want the music to sound like a song on the radio."

Newly signed to SESAC, Salyer conveys an enthusiasm and optimism on his new PRO. "I am really excited to be a part of the SESAC family now," says Salyer. "SESAC represents a high level of talent and provides many networking possibilities to their affiliates. I truly believe that being connected with SESAC is going to help me make new relationships that will lead to collaborating on some great new music."

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, where he built recording studios and sold musical instruments while composing and producing music for commercials, Salyer relocated to Los Angeles to work with the hit songwriting and production team The Underdogs. Blazed Out Music takes him full cycle, but with a deeper understanding of the artist and record side of the business.
He says that there is often life beyond the primary usage for the songs in the company's catalog. "When we place a song in a film or television show, we can often then get it onto iTunes. It's almost like having a label, but rather than a label that's starting from the indie roots of getting records sold and trying to get songs on air or in a film, we're taking songs from film and TV and putting them into the record industry." A relationship with industry giant 5-Alarm Music, who coordinates placements, allows Salyer to concentrate on the creative side.

While songs might be his company's focus, Salyer reveals that family living and reality shows still require instrumentals. For sports, Salyer often records hybrid tracks to embrace a show's diverse demographics.

Blazed Out Music, says Salyer, is building its reputation with quality music that is both contemporary and affordable. "In the past you might have had a film composer doing hip-hop, or a 60 year-old guy doing dance/electro. They didn't live and breathe that music. I believe that because there are so many companies who are willing to do it cheaply or give it away, the only way to survive is by creating quality."

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