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Krystal Meyers

Krystal Meyers

By Peter Cronin

When she first appeared on the Christian music scene with her self-titled debut in 2005, Krystal Meyers came out rocking like a sanctified version of Avril Lavigne, with blazing guitars, a patented rock girl look and a precocious and undeniable vocal attack that stopped listeners – Christian or otherwise – dead in their tracks. With her sophomore release, Dying for a Heart, released in 2006, Meyers built on the rocking momentum of her hit debut, scoring her fourth Dove Award nomination – for Female Vocalist of the Year – and touring Japan, where she quickly captured that country's teenage heart as a certified pop sensation. 

With all of that success, Meyers must have been one happy camper, right?

"It was awful," she says with a warm smile that assures you that it's no longer so awful. "Spiritually, I was going through a lot of stuff. I was a new artist, 16 years old, and extremely ADHD. I was not able to balance having a growing relationship with the Lord, being on the road, being a young girl artist in an adult, male-dominated field. I was like, 'I can hardly do my homework. How do you expect me to run my own business?'"

Myers found solace in her artistry, working through her spiritual struggles and fearlessly documenting them in the increasingly personal – and surprisingly danceable – songs that comprise her third release, Make Some Noise. Working with the hot production duo known as Double Dutch, Meyers crafted a record with all the sass and fire of her previous releases, but with a distinctive pop twist.

Even as she burns up the dance floor in the video for the eponymous debut single from Make Some Noise, it's clear that, like her faith, Meyer's music is made for the real world. Floating above those indelible pop hooks and irresistible beats are some of the singer songwriters' most penetrating and insightful lyrics. The stunning singer/songwriter also realized even more of a career windfall when recently the title track from her CD was also played during the 2008 Olympics and was selected as the NBC theme song to promote their 2008 Fall line-up. 

"We live in this world; we don't live in a bubble," she says. "That's why I write about my vulnerability and my doubts. If I'm going through a rough patch in my relationship with Christ, that's what I write about. I want to be real."
As popular as she's become with fans at home and abroad, Meyers may have found the perfect audience for her new music with the upcoming Revolve Tour. Aimed at teenage girls, the tour – which also features Christian artists like Hawk Nelson and Natalie Grant – will play to crowds of 12-15,000 at 60 arenas coast to coast. For Meyers, it's an opportunity to bring her music and her message directly to the people, and she couldn't be more excited.

"This is the fourth year for the Revolve Tour, and it's going to be so cool," Meyer's says. "Music is such an influential thing. It can penetrate the soul and make you feel happy, mad, great, sad … it's powerful."

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