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Obtain A SESAC License

SESAC Licensing

> General Licensing
Including: Amusement/Water Park, Arena/Stadium, Bowling Center, College & University, Concert Promoter, Convention Center, Country Club, Dance Studio, Festival, Health & Fitness Center (including Curves), Hotels and Resorts, Music In Business, Racetrack, Restaurants (including Night Club, Sports Bar & Tavern) Retail Store, Shopping Mall

> Internet Licensing
Internet and New Media.

> Broadcast Licensing
Television, Radio, Non-Commercial Radio, Low power FM and Cable 

> Request a Mechanical License
A mechanical license is the license required to make and distribute recordings. A mechanical license does not include lyric reprinting or sheet music print rights. For these rights, you must contact the publisher(s) directly. 

> Request a Synchronization License
A synchronization license is the license required to make and distribute audio visual recordings. A synchronization license does not include the right to use an existing recording (master) in association with a new audio visual product. You will need to obtain an additional "master use" license in order to combine an existing recording with a new audio visual project. To obtain a master license you will need to contact the owner of the sound recording, usually a record label.

> Music Library