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Pay Your Licensing Fees

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We have recently migrated our systems and data to a new platform. This required we create new account identification numbers. Your "Account Number" and "Bill To Number" are located on both the upper and lower right of the first page of your statement:
* Account Number: 
* Bill To Number: 
If you do not know your new Account Number and Bill To Number, you may enter your prior Account Number and ID Number below:
* Old Account Number:  - - (ex: nn-nn-nnnnn)
* ID Number:  (up to seven digits, no leading zero)
* Business Name: 
Licensee Phone: 
* Amount Paid:  $
(A 2% processing fee will be assessed for
payments in excess of $25,000.00)
+ 2% = Total $
Clicking Submit will take you to a third-party web page where you will complete the transaction.
If you are experiencing a problem with this transmission please call our customer service department at 1-800-826-9996 extension 7140 or email us at customerservice@sesac.com.
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